Direct Billing In Penticton – What It Is, How It Works & How It Helps You.

When it comes to your health and recovery, nothing is more important than getting the correct care and attention that you deserve. Injury and pain can be stressful, and we aim to make your road to recovery as stress-free and convenient as possible.

This is why we were the first physiotherapy clinic in Penticton to offer Direct Billing, a process where we directly bill your private insurance company on your behalf. By doing so, your physiotherapy or registered massage therapy appointment will either be fully covered, or you pay the remaining amount. It’s quick and easy, and once you provide us your insurance information, we are able to quickly determine your coverage for that appointment.

Main benefits of Direct Billing

  • Save money – by having either the whole or majority of the appointment covered by direct billing, you save on the up front cost of services.
  • Save time – by billing on your behalf, you don’t have to run around afterwards trying to find paper receipts or figuring out how to submit your invoice to the insurance company; we’ve done the heavy lifting for you already so you can focus on getting better
  • Easy access to services – because you are saving on time and money, accessing important healthcare services like physiotherapy and registered massage therapy are more readily available for you
  • Once you have set up your insurance plan with us, you are set up for future visits, helping contribute to an efficient and seamless recovery

Which insurance plans can we Direct Bill on your behalf?

  • Alberta Blue Cross 
  • BPA (Benefit Plan Administrators) 
  • Canadian Construction Workers Union 
  • Canada Life 
  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan 
  • Cinup 
  • The Co-Operators 
  • Cowan 
  • Claims Secure 
  • Desjardins 
  • Equitable Life 
  • First Canadian 
  • GMS 
  • Greenshield Canada 
  • Group Health 
  • Group Source 
  • IA Financial Group 
  • ICBC
  • Johnson 
  • Johnson Group 
  • La Capitale 
  • Manion 
  • Manulife 
  • Maximum Benefit 
  • Medavie Blue Cross (RCMP, Veterans Affairs, Military, Blue Cross Advantage) 
  • MSP Premium Assistance 
  • Nexgen Rx 
  • Pacific Blue Cross 
  • SunLife Financial 

Frequently asked questions about direct billing

  • Can you check my exact coverage or let me know how many visits are covered? We are not able to access this information, because it is considered private and confidential by the insurance companies. We advise to check with your plan administrator, or check online with your insurance company, if you need to know the total amount covered per year
  • Can you use direct billing to prepay for future visits? No, we can only bill for appointments that you have attended for.
  • Can you direct bill for two physiotherapy or massage therapy appointments on the same day? No, we are unable to do this. Insurance companies will only cover one appointment of physiotherapy or massage therapy per day. You can, however, have both a physiotherapy and a registered massage therapy appointment on the same day.
  • Do I require a doctors note to be able to direct bill for physiotherapy appointments? You do not require a doctor’s referral to access physiotherapy care, because physiotherapists are considered direct care in British Columbia. In extremely rare circumstances, a doctor’s note may be required, but this is very much the exception, not the rule. If you have a ICBC claim, they may require you to have a doctors note if your accident was longer then 90 days ago.
  • If my plan covers 100% of the appointment, do I need to pay for anything? Nope! You are good to go!!
  • Do I get a receipt if you direct bill my insurance plan? If you would like one, yes! Typically, we email it to you after you have paid for any remaining amount after the direct billing portion

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